Understanding Pagination Presenters

Pagination presenters enable you to implement your own pagination component design. You can extend the default Bootstrap presenter and modify it to suit your needs or you can create a truly unique pagination component.


At the time of writing this tutorial, I was in the process of refactoring the backend for Laravelista. I have bought a nice Material admin template with a lot of cool stuff including a custom pagination component.

It took me some time at first to figure out what do I have to do to use my own pagination component instead of the one that comes with Laravel out-of-the-box. First, misleading thing was the official Laravel documentation for Pagination specifically the part about Manually Creating A Paginator.

Trust me, in most cases, the chances are that you really want to create a pagination presenter, not a paginator. In this tutorial, I will show you different ways how you can create a paginator presenter and use it on your website.


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