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Dragan Bašić

Client: Dragan Bašić

Date: 20. february 2018

Skills: PHP, Grav CMS


House construction, house renovation and interior design.

For many years he has been involved in building and renovating houses and designing interiors. It is his greatest passion and he has a lot of experience in fulfilling the wishes of his clients.

Art Gallery

A brand new building with 4 apartments and a swimming pool at the top, located on the beautiful island of Murter. Each unit has a insulated door to ensure a quiet atmosphere and privacy, an entrance hall, spacious living room, one bedroom, two bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen.

"I find the most joy in bringing happiness to other people's lives by enriching their homes, building new ones or rebooting the existing house."

Dragan Bašić

Art Gallery was built with special attention to details and materials used, it is situated on a prime residential street, enjoying an elevated position with the spectacular views of the Murter archipelago.

Sailor's delight house in Betina

Sailors Delight

Villa Sailor's Delight is listed among 10 of the most astonishing stone houses on the Adriatic! Magnificent, fully renovated old stone villa meters away from the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, located in the picturesque town of Betina on Murter Island.