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Studio Renata

Client: Studio Renata

Date: 29. july 2016

Skills: PHP, Laravel


Hair studio & beauty salon.

Salon Renata can boast of impeccable service thanks to a team that is made up of 6 hairdressers led by creative director and owner Renate. Wicked team, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, expertise and permanent training are the reasons for a successful and established job.

Emphasis on education

Thanks to the regular attendance of seminars and academies of all employees in numerous European metropolises such as Zagreb, London, Amsterdam and Bologna, permanent clients have full confidence in the expertise of the staff.

"Do what you believe and believe in what you do. Everything else is a waste of power and time!"

Renata Mikuličin Kurkut

Renata immediately after completing the school in 1996. after doing the practice in the salon Vice and Leta goes to Zagreb. Though the beginner at the hairdresser's job, the goal was clear: improving the acquired knowledge and of course adopting new ones. After graduating from the Academy of Mona Lisa, she returned home and in the period from 2000 to 2008 the day-to-day work in the salon confirms that it was a call, not just a job!

Salon for male haircut and shaving

Opening the salon

As everything went in the way, the opening of their own salon in 2008 was a natural continuation and sequence of the whole story. Renata is today a successful and confident hairdresser, manager and owner of a salon to whom she is happy and satisfied client of success and her greatest satisfaction.