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This website will shut down

I've decided to shut down this application on 02.02.2018.

There hasn't been any new stuff released for a long time now because I don't have the motivation to write any more tutorials or posts.

Seeing this website slowly getting outdated just makes me sad, so I have decided to sell this application.

Find out more about the features here.

Send me your offers or inquiries at

Things that you will not get:

  • branding (logo (elephant) and the name "Laravelista" remain mine to use); you will have to rebrand the website with your own logo and name.
  • content (posts, tutorials); all content is written by me and remains mine.
  • users (database); you will be given an empty database ready for production (all tables included but without data).
  • application is a separate application which will be taken offline once the sale is complete.

Things that you will get:

  • everything else that you see on this website.
  • complete source code (git)
  • Laravel 5.5 application
  • Braintree payments integrated
  • Bugsnag error reporting
  • Markdown content
  • React.js heroku hosted administration application
  • Social authentication for Facebook, Twitter, Github and Bitbucket ...

Find out more about the features here.

Thank you for reading.


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