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Mario Bašić
by Mario Bašić
Owner & Lead developer

Looking for web & mobile developers of any level to join our team. We are specialized in building APIs with Laravel or Lumen. We build SPAs with JS frameworks like React.js or Vue.js. We develop mobile applications for android and iOS with React-native, NativeScript or build native applications.

The idea is pretty simple. A single developer can only handle a limited amount of work. To build bigger projects or to build projects faster you need more developers. Where will you go to find skilled and verified developers for a single project? We are a global team of skilled and verified web & mobile developers that work on demand, so that when needed we can be as small as possible for a simple project or as big as possible for a large complex project.

Talent on Demand

Think of each member of this team as a freelancer. Sometime they are busy working on a project, sometime they are looking for a project to work on and sometime they are looking for more developers to help them out. Imagine that a new project opportunity lands on your lap and there is so much work needed that you can't accept it, but need to pass the project to a big software company. Being a member of this team means that you will never have to pass up that opportunity again.

Work from Anywhere

One of the benefits of being a member is being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

We welcome everyone interested to join us. There is an on-boarding process which you will have to pass in order to get verified by the rest of the team and become a verified member. New members which have not yet passed the on-boarding process can't see the job listings or view resumes of verified members. That is the only limitation.

I started this team out of my personal need to hire more developers because I couldn't keep up with the amount of projects that were waiting for me to finish my current project.

Mario Bašić

As a verified member you will be able to post job listings and view resumes of all developers in the team. Each member will be tasked to post and maintain their developer listing in the #developers channel. The listing contains their primary skill, developer level (beginner, intermediate or expert) a list of technologies that they know and their CV. A job listing contains a title, description, status and any other links related to the job.


Where Work Happens

We are using Slack as a central communication hub. This is the place where everything happens. We encourage our members to use this team Slack group for project discussion with other team members by creating a private channel just for the members involved in that project. All members have access to the Bitbucket integration which enables users to connect their repositories directly to the channel, so that other members can receive rich notifications about the repository.

/bitbucket connect <repo-url>

As we grow, and as our team grows we will be accepting and implementing more integrations and apps. Work on open-source projects is highly encouraged. New technologies are always welcome, and will be assimilated if proven better than the current technology.

The On-boarding Process

When you accept an invite to join our team, you will be placed in the #onboarding channel. From there, a recruiter will create a private channel just for you and him. There you will be asked to provide your CV (resume) and links to what you have done so far (websites, applications, packages or contributions). You will then be given a task to complete. If successful, you will be accepted as a verified member and be invited to join #jobs and #developers private channels.