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Learn Laravel by reading tutorials and completing courses. No more rewinding or pausing videos. Only the most detailed text instructions with open-source applications.

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If you prefer reading straight to the point instructions, over watching long and bloaty screencasts, then this is the place for you.

Keep It Simple, Stupid

The focus is on getting the damn thing to work in the least possible amount of steps.

Step By Step Instructions

I write content while coding, so that you get only the most detailed instructions possible.

Public Repositories

All repositories are publicly available so that you can examine them, run them, and modify to suit your needs.

Comments Everywhere

I have created a Laravel package for comments, which you can implement in your own Laravel application, called laravelista/comments.

Easy Navigation

A package called laravelista/sherlock is responsible for providing you with an automatically generated table of content.

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A shuffled collection of all the latest content from Laravelista. New content added weekly.

Creating Custom Validation Rules

If validation rules that come with Laravel are not enough for you, then you can create your own validation rules. How awesome is that!



Sherlock is a PHP package that provides unique features for markdown.



Ekko is a Laravel helper package. It helps you mark currently active menu item in your navbar.


Using SSH to execute commands on a remote server

Upon a reader request, I will cover installing and using laravelcollective/remote package to execute commands on a remote server.


Positive feedback on the book

It makes me happy when I see that people are enjoying my work and that they appreciate it.


Multilingual Web Application with Laravel:
Multilingual CRUD

In this tutorial, we will cover creating, updating, deleting and viewing all multilingual articles.


Deploying a Laravel App from GitHub to Heroku

Deploy a Laravel application from GitHub to Heroku using Codeship for continuous integration and deployment.



Native comments for your Laravel application.


Something that I am planning to implement

How about dependency version constraints for tutorials?


Laravel Mix Without Laravel

Even simpler asset manipulation than with Laravel Elixir. Highly recommended for beginners.


Laravel on Windows with Homestead

If you are getting started with Laravel and are using Windows, this is the right starting point for you. We will cover everything from installing PHP & Git to using Homestead virtual machine and creating your first blank Laravel application.




Multilingual Web Application with Laravel:
Authentication and Authorization

Laravel makes implementing authentication very simple. We will implement authentication in our existing application.


Multilingual Web Application with Laravel

Ever wondered how to create a web application that supports multiple languages? Learn how to create a database that handles translations, language switcher and localization files.


Multilingual Web Application with Laravel:
Model Translations

Handling multilingual models has never been easier.