Full-Stack Freelance Programmer

Specialized in PHP, Laravel, Javascript, Typescript, Next.js, NestJS, TALL stack, Scala, F#, Phel, React.js, React-native, Vue.js and Nx.

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Private Packages

Creating, maintaining and adding new features to open-source packages takes a considerable amount of time. I plan to use the funds obtained from this sponsorship to support my open-source work.

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Multilingual blog package for Laravel.


Localized routes package for Laravel.


Complete turn-key solutions ready for immediate use

Web Shop

In accordance with the Croatian law and in cooperation with the Paušalko service for small business invoice handling, here is your own online store fully adapted to your needs.

Booking System

Renting apartments or a house and do not want to depend on other booking services? Here is your own website for attracting guests and a booking management system in one place.

Directory Listing

A geographic information system (GIS) with a content management system (CMS), an interactive website and a mobile application. Can be applied to various areas.

Featured Projects

These are some of the projects that I am most proud of

OPG Paić


Website for a family run olive oil production farm. Built with a custom made PHP framework.



Booking system web application made with Laravel, TailwindCSS, Alpine.js and Laravel Livewire.



Webshop for a nail salon and nail care products made with Laravel. Uses self made sponsorware laravel packages.

Stay in Adriatic


Accommodation booking website made with Laravel and integrated with an external booking system Rentl.io.



Tourist information portal, API and android/ios mobile application made with Laravel and React-native.

G.I.M. Gase


Web application made with Laravel and React.js for fire-extinguisher repair and business intelligence.

Self-published Book

A Collection of Laravel Tutorials

This book contains all tutorials that have been published on Laravelista website in the period from >= 2016. to < 2018. This book represents my two year effort to teach others build web sites and web applications using the Laravel framework.

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Reader testimonial

Clear and easy

"The book is clear and easy to understand, I found some useful stuff like setting up Laravel on shared hosting, RSS, and sitemap."
— Marcel Pow
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